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Media creatives and multimedia professionals look to the world of Adobe for a variety of powerful software with a specific use. From the tiny little emojis found on WhatsApp and the app icons that you see on your tablet to the visual effects in the cinema, Adobe has a powerful array of amazing tools that artists and media professionals use across the industry. The chances are that you have already heard about Photoshop, but there are many more adobe products.
Adobe has several software with functions that might seem like they overlap in each category, but each product has its own niche and advantage over the other. The plethora of software by Adobe can be quite overwhelming even for professionals, let alone students of graphic design, to understand what each one is used for.
Most people know about Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Reader. But those aren’t the only programs Adobe develops. In the past, it was a fairly large investment to buy the suite however in recent years, Adobe has lumped all its products together into its Creative Cloud platform with subscription plans ranging from $9.99/mo to $49.99/mo. A great option for those on a budget.
Whether you are a graphic designer, a photographer, an illustrator, a student, a marketing employee, a beginner or a professional, Adobe offers plenty of tools and software to meet your creative demands.
While most of the Adobe apps require a subscription, some of them are available for a free trial. You can either buy separate plans based on your requirements or pay for the whole Adobe Creative Cloud suite at once and own all the 20+ apps altogether.
From logos of websites, pdf reader, YouTube videos to movies in theatres, apps developed by Adobe are everywhere. No doubt Adobe is the most famous name among artists and creators around the world. Adobe has a lot of apps in each category, and it is very hard to remember what each of them does.
All the graphic design software Adobe has to offer!
Here’s an overview of the Adobe software list we will walk you through, so you understand what all the Adobe programs do.
Benefits of Adobe’s subscription model
Adobe has a large number of applications in its stock. It continues to develop new applications and discontinuing apps that Adobe considers are less important.
Adobe has been a boon for artists and creators around the world. It keeps on building apps that make life easier and increases the productivity of people along with helping in creating brilliant pieces of work.
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