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Analog Cameras

Analog CCTV Cameras
Analog CCTV cameras capture footage and imagery and transmit that information, by means of a coaxial cable, to a storage device called a DVR, or digital video recorder. The DVR converts the analog signal to digital so it can be stored on a hard drive for future use. The DVR can also be connected to a router, which is capable of distributing the information across a network. Intelligence is built into the DVR to handle such things as scheduling, motion detection, and digital zoom. Monitors for viewing the video are connected to the DVR, or it can be set up to publish over an internal network for viewing on PCs. The DVR can also be set up to broadcast over the Internet and can add password protection and other features. When broadcasting over the Internet, the video for all of the cameras is transmitted as one stream (one IP address). Therefore, it is very efficient.
Benefits of Analog Cameras
Analog High Definition (HD) is Getting Better
Newer analog cameras now support HD resolutions. This means that you can get the benefits of high-definition video without having to switch to an IP camera system. So, if you’re comparing IP security cameras vs analog cameras and don’t need the extra features that IP cameras offer, HD over coax security cameras might be a good fit for you.
If your company is small and you need a single camera to monitor one door, an analog CCTV camera is a cost-effective solution. A simple cord can run the footage to your computer and you’re in business. If, on the other hand, you need a more advanced security solution, and have the budget to afford it, IP cameras will more effectively cover all of your entrances and exits and provide you with robust, modern tools to protect every aspect of your business.

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