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ANPR & LPR Camera

The ANPR camera is an acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It is a technology that can help both you and public services to identify the owners of vehicles being driven on our roads.
What is ANPR?
ANPR is a term used to describe the process of shooting and processing camera images of vehicles. It allows for more secure identification and tracking of vehicles.
When an ANPR system is installed at your location, it will be able to monitor the movement of all vehicles that are covered by your license plates.
Whether you use ANPR as security for your business or other purposes depends on what you do in your premises that requires continuous surveillance. If you have access to public areas where people gather, then you should consider installing an ANPR camera in those areas; like building entrances and exits, lobbies or at entry points for visitors and customers alike. If you have private facilities with limited access but require constant monitoring, then you should consider installing an ANPR camera.
Using ANPR cameras in a variety of scenarios. A few examples are:
Features of ANPR Camera Systems
LPR Camera
License plate recognition is a powerful tool for access control, traffic monitoring, tolling, and measuring journey time.
License plate capture cameras, also known as license plate recognition / LPR cameras, are a specialized type of video surveillance camera designed to capture numbers and letters of license plates on still or moving vehicles. LPR cameras are designed with built-in software and hardware that compensates for speed, weather, and headlight glare. Regular security cameras typically cannot compensate for these variables to capture a usable video that identifies license plate numbers.
Our LPR solutions consists of a purpose-built camera with pre-installed Axis or partner analytics that runs either on the camera, in the cloud or on a server. The analytics automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a list and then takes appropriate action such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert. Depending on surrounding light, the solution may require cameras with built-in IR-light or additional light sources for optimal performance.
Most LPR cameras are tuned to capture ultra-high contrast video in black and white. This is great for capturing license plates but not very good for capturing an overview the vehicle. Also, LPR cameras are typically focused on a small area (about the width of a single lane of traffic), so that the plate is clearly in focus.

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