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Assorted Intercoms

Apartment Intercoms

Property managers and landlords are busy and can’t always be at apartment buildings to let in maintenance workers, cleaning staff, and other contractors. But for safety reasons, they also don’t want to give workers unlimited access to the buildings, this is when the intercoms play and important role.
Apartment buildings with a video intercom system are more secure, save property managers time, and generally make tenants happier. Some residents prefer convenient access using a mobile phone, others stay with the traditional method of opening the door using a card. The HD camera in the intercom also recognizes unwanted visitors and can send a picture of them to the facility manager. Increase security and integrate the intercom in a VMS or an alarm system.
However, access is not only required at the main entrance. You can, for example, place a robust intercom in an underground garage. Don’t forget to provide convenience of movement around the building for residents. Install an access control system in the communal areas. You can select from various technologies – Bluetooth, multifrequency RFID, keypads or fingerprint readers, or even a combination of any.
Apartment intercom systems have also experienced a number of technological innovations over the past few years. Whether you’re updating your old intercom system or shopping for a new one, finding the perfect apartment intercom system can be a challenge if you don’t have the information to help you ask the right questions.
We’ve gone over a few things to look for as a property or asset manager, but what about the actual users. Your staff, residents, and their guests will be the ones interacting with the intercom system, so you want to make sure you’re getting one that’s intuitive, easy to use, and comes with a wide array of feature sets. Ensure you’re choosing an intercom system that connects to your phones. This will provide you the convenience of viewing and verifying visitors from anywhere, rather than only when you are at home.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of having an apartment intercom.
Enhanced communication
Improved Resident experience
There are many benefits of having an apartment intercom system, but among the most important are that they provide security, convenience, and overall peace of mind. Apartment intercom systems allow residents to communicate with visitors at the front door without having to leave their apartments, which provides a sense of security and peace of mind. Additionally, intercom systems can be used to control entry into the building, which can help to keep unauthorized people out. Finally, intercom systems can also be used to manage deliveries and other packages, which can be convenient for residents. Overall, these three benefits make apartment intercom systems an important addition to any apartment building.

Commercial Intercoms

Having a powerful intercom system on your corporate premises is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your business. Intercom systems allow you to monitor visitors in your office remotely and ensure that any unauthorized entries are monitored and attenuated.
Commercial intercom systems let businesses, multi-dwelling units, hospitals, and schools conduct two-channel communication on their properties. Available in both wired and wireless solutions, they are pivotal in keeping everyone in your facility safe while facilitating conversations for more efficient business operations.
Commercial Video Intercom
If you develop, own, or manage commercial properties, you know the importance of a commercial intercom system for your buildings. But did you know you can improve security and add convenience for staff and tenants by installing a commercial video intercom system.
A commercial intercom system is a device that enables remote communication and property access. The purpose of this system is to help commercial tenants remotely speak to visitors as well as grant them access. These systems are ideal for a range of business properties, industrial warehouses, mixed-use buildings, retail stores, schools and many other commercial settings. Unlike residential intercom systems, commercial intercom systems have an industrial appearance and are built tougher to withstand the harsh environments they are used in.
The commercial video intercom system comes with a camera which allows the tenants to see the visitor before granting them access to the building. The system may either have one-way video or two-way video calling. With one-way video, only the base station has a camera and the tenant can see the visitor. With the two-way video calling, both the base station and the substation have cameras. This means both the tenant and the visitor can see and hear each other during a call.
The advantage of a commercial video intercom system is that it heightens security. Being able to see who is at the door helps verify their identity and, at times, intent before granting access. This is why more commercial buildings are investing in video intercom systems.
Our intercom systems range from simple audio door units to sophisticated video entry security systems, with features such as touch-screen viewing and Wi-Fi interface allowing you to monitor your visitors from your smart phone or tablet. We can integrate your intercom seamlessly with your security and camera systems for a luxury finish and absolute peace of mind. We have multiple brands to choose from, so Aslink Computers today for all your intercom needs.
Benefits of having commercial intercoms

Gate Intercoms

Gate intercoms are wired or wireless systems with a gate station unit where visitors to your home or business can call inside and a handset inside where people can answer the call and take appropriate action. You can add an additional layer of security to your home with a door intercom or gate intercom, both of which allow you to identify visitors to your home before you even get to your front door. There are also 2-way intercom systems that you can install in your home that allow you to speak with other members of your household. This can be an extremely beneficial feature if you have children or elderly individuals in your home.
Domestic access control is now so much more than just a doorbell and can include a standalone front door video/audio intercom system, a main gate entry system via remote or keypad control, or a combination of both. Our door and gate intercoms allow you to control who enters your property, and with built in cameras can let you view the person and their ID before allowing them entry. They’re easy to use, especially for elderly or vulnerable householders, and with the option of a portable touchscreen tablet pad, can be operated from anywhere in your house. Intercoms with a GSM dialer can be programmed to phone or alert your mobile so you can view and speak to visitors and allow access for deliveries even when you’re out – no more trips to the depot to collect missed parcels!
A gate intercom system can be installed for commercial properties, industrial properties, parking lots, parking structures, residential buildings, gated communities, and mixed-used buildings.
Wireless Vs. Wired Gate Access Control Systems
There are two main differences in gate access control systems, they can be wired or wireless. Each has its own pros and cons. The majority of property owners and managers believe that installing wireless access gates is simpler and cheaper.
An interesting fact is that property access gates are usually built hundreds of feet from the area they regulate access to. Thus, when installing a wired access control system, additional wiring is needed. That`s the only way to link the hardware at the gate to the access system’s control panel. A wireless gate entry system, in its turn, will function without that additional wiring. Going wireless will save your time and money.
With the growing need for more and more security of your property, our products, Including Intercoms, Wireless Intercoms & Video Intercoms, are the most ideal for both affordability and practicality. At Aslink Computers, you can easily find the most suitable intercom system for your office without any trouble.
The 5 most popular types of gate access control systems:
Gate Intercom Systems
Telephone Entry Systems
RFID gate access control systems
Cell phone gate access systems

Office Intercoms

Having a reliable way to communicate quickly and efficiently is essential in any office setting. An office intercom allows for this communication to happen without distractions or interference. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as announcing meetings, relaying messages, and providing information. By having an office intercom system installed, the workplace can become more organized and efficient.
An office intercom system can connect between main office entrance and reception, thereby excellently supporting security, office rooms, conference hall, and other important sections like maintenance room, inventory room, and factory floor. This elegant, combined method of maintaining interactions preserves employees consuming non-essential time and energy which they can instead invest in their important work and also gives employees with advantageous communication peculiarities that are just not possible on a conventional telephone system.
Good communication is essential in terms of ensuring that important messages are delivered quickly and efficiently within an office environment. To help office workers with this task, many offices have implemented an office intercom system. This system not only provides a convenient way to communicate between departments but can also improve overall productivity by reducing staff movements.
There are several benefits of having office intercoms, listing below few for you.
In the corporate world, increased productivity is a major goal. To reach this goal, employers and employees alike need effective communication tools. The office intercom system has proven to be one of the most effective tools for achieving greater productivity in offices of all sizes. By providing an easy way to stay connected with colleagues, an intercom system can help increase collaboration and decrease miscommunication. With improved sound quality and modern features, today’s intercom systems offer an easy way to improve overall workplace efficiency.
When you call an employee or co-worker via phone, you’re not sure they even know the phone rang. With an internal intercom system, employees can respond instantly with the push of a button, even if they’re busy. Plus, no one has to sit around to wait for the phone to ring. These systems are ideal for quick messages, such as asking someone to check their email for an important notification. It takes seconds to contact someone via intercom, while it could take minutes or longer with phones.
To avoid giving out numerous key cards to employees, use an intercom system to allow or deny access. It’s a simple yet highly effective security measure. Only a select few employees get full-time access to areas. When someone else needs to enter, they request permission via the intercom. The employees inside press a button to temporarily open the door.
This type of security access is often used at entry points to restrict access to your business. Parking lots may also use this method to ensure only employees and authorized visitors get in.
Internal intercom systems work well with surveillance systems. For instance, if you see an employee in an area they shouldn’t be in, talk to the employee via the intercom in that area to confirm why they are there. In the case of an emergency, such as needing to evacuate or seeing an intruder, anyone watching the surveillance cameras can inform employees of what to do and where to go. In the event of a fire, employees could be directed toward the safest route away from the fire, even if it’s not the planned exit. The intercom provides an extra layer of safety for all staff.

Outdoor Intercoms

Outdoor intercom systems make it easy to allow access to a property or building while also keeping it secure and safe. These systems are typically installed outside at the front gate or door. Because its an outdoor system, it can work within any climate and even withstand extreme weather conditions. Not only can residents open doors from their smart phones, but building managers can also provide visitor access to the property and keep a record of who is entering the building. Intercom systems for buildings have been used for a century, and new models allow for smartphone connections to ensure everything is convenient and easy to control.
Most properties, especially gated ones require an outdoor intercom that can withstand the weather year-round. Outdoor intercom systems consist of weatherproof hardware that is installed outside. Visitors use this hardware to contact residents and request property access. An outdoor intercom’s weatherproofing standards depend on its IP (ingress protection) rating. The best and most durable intercoms are IP65 rated, meaning they’re dust-tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. So, if you’re installing any intercom hardware outside, choose a system with an IP65 rating.
Benefits of installing an Outdoor Intercom
Intercom systems remove the need for face-to-face, physical contact with a visitor. The employee can be tucked safely away in another part of the building, or even from the comfort of their own home with mobile access, and can still grant access to the visitor. This removes the risk of an unwanted visitor forcing entry once an employee answers their call, and viewed in the present light of Coronavirus can also limit their risk and exposure to potential illness.
24-hour access to your site becomes far easier and far more efficient with the use of intercom systems. Employing security personnel to control access can be costly, but with the use of an intercom system, you can extend your hours without the need to always have a guard on duty, as other employees may be able to respond to requests, either from another part of the building or remotely.
Reduces the need for door security
Track activity and timekeeping
Support disabilities and access requirements

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