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Bullet Security Cameras

Also known as “cylinder cameras”, bullet cameras have many advantages. Bullet security cameras are the video monitoring cameras shaped like rifles or lipstick cases. And that’s why they are also called lipstick cameras. The bullet surveillance cameras are often installed outside to a wall or a ceiling and point at a certain direction like the barrel of guns. They have the most weather resistant design. They give a little space off from their mounting surface. They’re an excellent option for a novice. When you need versatility in your installation, bullet cameras often provide exactly that.
Bullet surveillance cameras are named for their aggressive, bullet-like shape. They are the least compact and most noticeable type of security camera on the market–which is why they provide the greatest deterrence effect. Beyond deterrence, the relatively large form of a bullet camera gives them more internal space for features such as focal adjustment and rotatable lenses. These lens options enable bullet cameras to capture a wider variety of viewing angles and depths than their turret camera and dome camera counterparts
IR Night Vision Bullet Cameras
IR bullet cameras mean the infrared bullet cameras, which can present crystal clear images in low-lit conditions and even in total darkness with the built-in LED lights. Bullet surveillance cameras tend to come with excellent built-in IR (infrared) night vision capabilities. Many infrared bullet cameras have IR illuminators around their lenses which light their fields of view in wavelengths that only the camera can see. This enables IR bullet cameras to capture clear and actionable video surveillance footage in low-light situations.
What’s more, the large size of a bullet camera allows for larger lenses within a single camera. Bullet camera models with the ability to rotate a larger lens can capture even higher quality surveillance in low-light environments.
Ease of Installation and Repositioning
Whether you are seeking a surveillance installation indoors or outdoors, bullet cameras are the most convenient camera type to mount. They can be mounted vertically on walls, upside-down on ceilings or overhangs, and at angles. A bullet camera is also likely to come with a mounting handle. It is these flexible mounting handles that make bullet cameras hands-down the easiest of all security cameras to reposition after installation. Their dome camera counterparts, in contrast, come with tightly fixed protective domes that must be unscrewed before they can be repositioned. What’s more, if any dust or fingerprints get inside the transparent protective dome during repositioning, the result will be blurry or otherwise distorted images.
Bullet cameras are versatile in terms of functionality when comparing with dome surveillance cameras.
By the same token, bullet type cameras, technically speaking, could be IP bullet cameras or analog bullet security cameras, and some of them could be packed with IR night vision or other advanced technologies like optical zoom, motion sensors or thermal sensors.
Surprisingly and interestingly, the majority of WiFi-enabled surveillance cameras fall into the category of bullet CCTV cameras instead of dome-shaped cameras, of course, a few exceptions aside.
Weather Proof Design
Even though they can be installed almost anywhere, bullet cameras are mainly used outdoors due to their expansive field of view. Outdoor bullet cameras are built to withstand extreme weather conditions like pouring rain and brutal summer temperatures, eliminating any worry that the electrical components will be compromised.

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