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Cash Drawers

The cash drawer manages your cash transaction and acts as the physical drawer at your reception desk.
The cash register went through a lot of changes over years and evolved with technological advancements.
The modern electronic cash register typically has a display, keypad, cash drawer, and in-built thermal printer among other features for a hassle-free billing experience. Many e-cash registers also provide reports to help track sales efficiently.
when it comes to choosing a cash drawer as a business owner, cash drawers become a bit more complex. How will it fit in your space? Is it big enough to accommodate your day-to-day transactions? The list of considerations goes on and on.
The list of considerations goes on and on.
Types of Cash Drawer – USB Cash Drawer, Manual Cash Drawer, Electronic Cash Drawer, Serial (RS232) Cash Drawer.
What Need to Consider When Buy Cash Drawer
The most common type of connectivity for cash drawers is a printer driven interface, which means the cash drawer is controlled through the printer’s DK port. The DK port, which stands for Drawer Kick, sends a 24V DC signal to open the cash drawer and is used in the majority of cash drawers.
Another way to open a cash drawer is quite obvious: manually with a key. Most cash drawers have both DK port connectivity, and manual key access.
Lastly, there are also wireless cash functions controlled by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These cash drawers are not as common, and tend to be more expensive.
Cash Flow
Next on your list of considerations is cash flow. What kind of currency do you accept? Do you accept a lot of physical coupons?
Cash drawer come in several different sizes and bill/coin layouts. Some tils have room for five bill and four coins. Other tills come with room for more coins or more bills depending on if larger, higher value bills.
Handle a lot of coupons, checks, and higher value bills? Be sure to choose a cash drawer with media slots, or slots on the front that feed into a hidden space underneath the till, to securely store these items.
What type of material is the drawer made of? Is it made of steel, or a different material? Cash drawers which are made of steel, are highly durable which not only makes your investment more worthwhile, but is also a security feature.
Finally, you don’t want the cash drawer to be too heavy on your pocket. While you can find a good enough drawer at optimum budget, there’s no limit on how expensive they can get. And yes, oftentimes the price complements the features, you might not need all of them.
Start by identifying all the features you’d want in your cash drawer and then pick the one that fits in your budget.
Security should be the last on the list of things to consider, but certainly not the least. You should consider the following security options:
A second lock to keep the drawer attached to the counter
A locking till cover, so that money cannot be taken while transported when you need to move the till to the back office at closing time.
A universal key would simplify quickly unlocking cash drawers and eliminate the need to search through a large key ring for the right key in an emergency.
A manual release option allows you always to access the cash drawer. Manual release is faster than waiting for a Bluetooth signal, and specific DK port signals are even faster.
Cash drawers are one of the core components to every Point-of-Sale System. They may be the simplest part of your POS but making sure you have the right cash drawer is key. Cash drawers can be printer or terminal driven. Let us make sure you get the right cabling to connect to your receipt printer. Manual, USB, and Serial cash drawer models are also available to ensure compatibility with any POS system. We offer cash drawers that are designed for the most rugged environments, as well as cash drawers that are compatible with an Apple iPad. We also carry lighted cash drawers perfect for you bar or night club.
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