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CCTV Surveillance Solutions

At Aslink Computers we give utmost precedence to our customers by providing them the fastest support in the industry. Our experts are always available to answer your query, making sure that you do not have to keep waiting for a response. At all times, we guarantee to provide the fastest service along with accurate information, so that you can get the best security system as per your needs and budget. Our mission is to help you save time and money while offering the best security related products.
Aslink Computers offer you all your security related products at an affordable price. With extensive pre-sales support, we ensure you get the best camera solution for your next project. Please contact Aslink computers for any CCTV camera inquiries.

Our CCTV Camera Solutions are ideal for

A video surveillance solution is an effective way to keep your commercial building safe. A professionally designed and installed security camera system is shown to deter crime and plays an important role in documenting security breaches at your facility.
Camera surveillance systems can provide many benefits to a facility, beginning with the ability to act as a visual deterrent against theft and fraud. Additionally, Team Aslink will ensure that your properly installed and maintained CCTV camera system will provide you with peace of mind knowing that any incident will be captured by the associated cameras.
There are many different types of security cameras available with many different features and functions to meet the needs of your facility. The four most common security cameras used today include dome security cameras, bullet security cameras, PTZ security cameras, and box cameras. Aslink sales team will work with you to create a custom solution using the best cameras for your unique needs.
Aslink Computers provides security camera systems that can help you secure your plant for worker safety, inventory loss, vandalism, and other situations that tend to arise in industrial facilities. Enhancing your CCTV system with the use of remote video monitoring provides real-time surveillance of your building, allowing for a quick response to protect your business, property and assets.
A security camera system can be an important tool to protect hospital patients and staff, and provide visual evidence that can be used to provide general observations, visual identification of events, and deter false alarm claims. All video solutions designed and installed by FMC will come equipped with remote access, thus allowing you to access camera footage remotely from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
The nature of the healthcare industry poses unique fire, security, and life safety challenges. From staff and patient safety to safeguarding medical records, equipment, and medicine, fire and life safety issues are a top priority. Aslink Computers offer expertise in the area of healthcare, fire, security, and monitoring solutions to help manage risk and enhance physical and digital security. By collaborating with our customers on design needs, we can provide solutions and smart tools to streamline and enhance your security and life safety operations.
Aslink Computers works across a variety of industries, providing security solutions in areas from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah. Aslink provides CCTV video surveillance, intercoms, intrusion prevention, and more in the following industries:
Grocery & Retail
Finance & Legal
Logistics & Manufacturing
Distribution & More
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