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Digital Surveillance Camera

Almost all the security cameras these days are digital security cameras. Compared to their old analog equivalents, they are lighter, more efficient, use less electricity, and just about anyone can install them.
Digital cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) take tapes right out of the equation. The digital cameras are constantly on and broadcasting to the DVR. The DVR sends its recordings over your secure network to your server where the files are then stored.
With built in analytics, your DVR can be programmed to only record when certain events are triggered such as an alarm goes off, motion is detected, specific times etc. This allows you the complete control over the image, and thus, the file size. You can also log into the system and access live footage remotely on your mobile device.
Once upon a time, the grainy surveillance systems that operated on analog technology represented a breakthrough in security and monitoring for businesses everywhere. But times have changed, and digital video surveillance is making analog technology obsolete.
If you are considering installing a new digital surveillance system or considering upgrading your old system, it is important to know the advantages a digital video surveillance system can provide your business.
Benefits of DVR Camera Systems

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