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Digitize Scanners

Scanners are used to “digitize” hard-copy (photos, newspaper clips, print outs, and even id cards or credit cards), which means to create an electronic file that closely depicts the hard-copy (whose affinity is dependent on the resolution and file-type of the scan).
In this way you have a digital backup, or image of the original hard-copy.
A common use of a scanner begins by placing your hard-copy face down, on the glass surface or in the document feeder of the scanner, and then you will usually initiate the scan by a scanning application, on your PC. The scanner will then copy the image of the hard-copy, to a storage area (via a USB interface) on your computer, where you can specify (in your application) what type of file you would like the scan to create.
Scanners use a light tight box, with a scan bar, a glass surface, and a motor to move the bar across the glass, where your hard-copy is placed face down, on the glass surface of the scanner (similar to a copy machine).
The scanner contains a circuit board with electronic components that handle the motor, light bar, and digital processing, and the transfer of the digitized image from the scanner to the PC. Most scanners use the USB interface, to transmit a digital signal from the scanner to the computer.
Document Scanner
Its name says it all. A document scanner converts a hard document into its soft copy or pdf files. It can convert images as well as text material into soft copy.
A document scanner is designed to quickly scan multi-page documents and turn them into searchable electronic documents. They typically feature reliable sheet feeders that can hold dozens of pages of paper, can scan both sides of a page at once, and come bundled with software that can save all of those pages in a searchable PDF.
Many are now wireless, so they don’t have to live on your desk tethered to your computer. They can scan to multiple locations, including computers, mobile devices, and the cloud.

Types of document scanner:

Flat bed Scanner
On a flatbed scanner, the cover is lifted and the document is placed faced down on the glass plate. Once the cover is closed and the machine is started, the scan head traces the document from one end to the other. The results are then sent from the document scanner to a computer. If a computer is not available, many of these machines have memories that can store the copied information.
A flatbed scanner is generally designed for images and text.
Sheet-fed Scanner
A sheet-fed scanner does not have a cover or a glass plate. In most cases, the user feeds the document that needs to be copied into a slot or sheet feeder in the machine. The document is usually moved through the machine automatically. As it moves, the data that is on the document is copied by a scan head and the original document is ejected.
Business Card Scanner
The world went paperless post covid. But there are a couple of holdouts, a few things which everybody still does with paper. Perhaps most notably, business cards. They remain the most common way to quickly exchange contact information, and like any form of paper-based media, they can end up creating clutter.
Digitizing documents is a technology that’s essentially been mastered. Professionals use business card scanners to make digital copies. These scanners can also import scanned information into editable Excel documents or into Outlook. Business card scanners provide an easier way to save professional contact info. Business card scanners work like regular scanners, but they frequently have additional capabilities, like making it easy to transfer scanned information onto a digital device. Business card scanners also provide an easy way to import customer and client data into a customer relationship management (CRM) software program.

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