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Face recognition

Face Recognition Access Control

An algorithm is used to filter a human face from a video or photographic image. In only a few milliseconds, the face’s characteristics are recorded and converted into a unique code. Then the facial recognition software compares the code to a database. If it finds a match, this can be used to identify the individual in the image and determine whether or not to provide access.
Through facial recognition, it is possible to guarantee that only accredited people access certain areas and, likewise, that any intruder is easily detected and located, allowing the relevant mechanisms to be started in real time: alarms, notification to security members or authorities. police, etc.
Unlike physical authentication methods that can be missed, misused, or stolen, facial recognition offers optimal security, user convenience and is contactless.
One of the major advantages of facial recognition access control is the lack of waiting at the access point. The software will register a person’s face as they approach and can determine whether to allow access in the time needed to arrive at the gate. When the authorized person is near or at the access point, the system opens the gate. This prevents unauthorized individuals from slipping through the open gate. Also, the person can proceed smoothly through the access point.
Benefits of Face Recognition Access Control Systems
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