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Fax Machines

Fax machines revolutionized business and personal communications when they first came out decades ago. Today, this technology is still used to transmit sensitive information in the finance, health, medical, legal, and manufacturing sectors.
The fax machine scans printed texts and images from the sender’s original paper and transmits the exact information to the recipient’s machine. This process produces accurate copies of the original document.
Instead of sending printed documents by mail to a colleague or client, you can fax them immediately. That person would receive an identical document in minutes. If you’re using a fax machine, you’ll need the following:
Fax machines are also referred to as facsimile machines or telecopiers, although both terms are not commonly used today.
Modern Fax Machine
Modern fax machines digitally scan printed textual and graphical information, convert the scan to audio-frequency tones and transmit the tones over telephone lines. When the fax is received, the fax machine interprets the tones, converts them to reconstruct the original message, and prints them.
Most home and office fax machines use a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor during imaging scanning to transform a light pattern into an electric charge pattern (electronic image). CCD image sensors may be color or monochrome (black and white). During document scanning, light is reflected off of each pixel and converted to and electronic signal. The resulting charge pattern is converted to binary digits, compressed, and then converted to an analog carrier wave and transmitted over the telephone line via a modem. The fax on the receiving end receives the carrier wave, decodes it, and sends it to a printer.
Features Of Fax Machine
A modern fax machine has a different feature that helps it achieve its intended use. Below are some of the common features.

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