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Fiber Components

Fiber Optic Adapter

Standard Fiber Optic Adapter Standard fiber optic adapters are simplex, duplex and quad (for some types like LC and MU) structures, they are female to female type, used to link fiber optic connectors, typically they are with ceramic sleeves, fit for both single mode and multimode fiber optic connections.
Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter Hybrid Fiber optic adapters are used to link different kinds of fiber optic connectors, for example, E2000 to SC fiber optic adapter can link E2000 connector at one side and SC connector at the other side. Hybrid fiber optic adapter specifications and functions are same as standard fiber optic adapters.
Bare Fiber Adapter Bare fiber adapters are used for emergency use or temporary links. It contains connectors at one side of the adapter body; the other side of the connector can be terminated with the bare optical fiber directly. Bare fiber adapters are usually SC, LC, ST, FC and MU types.

Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail is a piece of cable terminated with fiber optic connectors at only one side of the cable while leave the other side no connectors, so that the connector side can link to the equipment and the other side can be melted with optical cable fibers. Fiber optic pigtails are usually used with fiber optic management equipment like ODF, splice closures and cross cabinets. Commonly used fiber optic pigtail types are SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, E2000 and MTRJ. They are single mode types and multimode types.
Fan out fiber optic pigtails are multi fiber cable assemblies, usually it is made from a multi-fiber count cable, in the middle of the cable we use the splitting kits to make the fan out pigtails, such cable is usually 1XN structure, like MTP to 12 LC, sometimes there are also NXN types, like 12LC to 12LC. Usually, the simplex fiber optic pigtails used inside management equipment use 0.9mm outer diameter cable, there is waterproof fiber optic pigtails used for outdoor applications, this fiber optic pigtail is with thick PE jacket and big diameter.
Fiber optic pigtail Specifications

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Fiber optic patch cord is used to link the fiber optic equipment in the network, it is also called fiber optic patch cable or fiber optic jumper , fiber optic patch leads, anyway it is a piece of fiber optic cable terminated with connector or connectors at each end of the cable. Commonly used connectors on the fiber optic patch cords are SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, E2000, MTRJ and DIN. These connectors were developed by different companies.
There are single mode fiber optic patch cords and multimode fiber optic patch cords , this classification is based on the optical fiber inside the cable, usually the single mode cables are yellow colored jacket, multimode cables are orange colored jacket. PC, UPC and APC refer to the fiber optic patch cords connectors ferrule polish type.
When use the fiber optic patch cords, do not bend them too much, otherwise the inside optical fiber might be broken, remember to put the dust caps back to the fiber patch cord connectors to protect the ferrules from dust and oil, so that it can remain good optical performance. We supply various kinds of fiber optic patch cords in simplex, duplex and multi fiber structures, with Rizer, Plenum, and LSZH and RoHS standards.
Fiber Optic Patch Cord Specifications
Fiber Optic Patch Cord Geometric Specification

SFP Transceiver

SFP transceiver is short from Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver, SFP is also called Mini GBIC, because its function is similar as the GBIC transceiver but with much smaller size. SFP transceivers are used in telecom and data communications to link the equipment like switches, routers. SFP fiber optic transceiver is the standard components supported by many industrial companies.
SFP transceivers support communications standards including SONET, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel, upgraded version of the SFP is SFP plus, it can support up to 10Gbps data rates. SFP transceivers are different types working with different wavelength for various kinds of distances. SX SFP use 850nm for max 550 meters, LX SFP use 1310nm for max 10km, ZX SFP could reach 80km. There is also copper SFP that use a RJ45 interface. DOM function for SFP is optional, it helps users detect real time SFP working status.
SFP Transceivers Applications

SFP Plus

With the rapid development of fiber optic technologies, 10G Ethernet products are coming to fit the increasing demand for bandwidth. SFP plus is the 10G fiber optic transceiver used for 10G Ethernet and other high-speed transmissions.
SFP plus is the upgraded version of the former SFP transceivers (MINI GBIC), SFP+ is with higher data rate and new industrial standards. SFP+ is with more compact size compared with the former 10G transceivers X2 and Xenpak, it has greater ability for density installations.
Our SFP+ transceiver is made according to the industrial and international standards, they feature the low prices, high reliability and we have products in stock for very fast delivery.

Fiber Optic Converters

With the rapid development of nowadays society, the transmission of different kinds of information – audio, video, data, has become more and more important, Ethernet has been a good way to deal with this need. Traditional Ethernet has its disadvantages because it use copper wires and the working distance is very short about 100meters, fiber media converter is the solution of this problem, it could extend the Ethernet working distance to max 100km or more, what is more ,the fiber optic converters used today are cheap and reliable.
Meanwhile, fiber optic converter could link the LAN to the fiber optic backbones and transform between different media, different cable types and different equipment interfaces. We supply the fiber optic converters that are fully compatible with IEEE standards; there are single mode types and multimode types, dual fiber types and single fiber (so called WDM converter) types, working distance from 500meters to max 100km or more. Standalone fiber optic converters and chassis type fiber media converters are available.
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