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High Definition CCTV Cameras

The term “Resolution”, when used to describe a digital camera refers to the size of the digital image the camera produces, and is usually expressed in terms of “megapixels” or how many million pixels it can record in a single image.
For example, a camera that captures 1600 x 1200 pixels produces an image with a resolution of 1.92 million pixels and would be referred to as a 2.0-megapixel camera. You get to 1.92 million pixels by multiplying the vertical and horizontal dimensions. That number is then rounded off to 2 for marketing purposes.
HD security cameras, also known as HD CCTV cameras and HD over Coax cameras, are capable of capturing high-definition video surveillance footage up to 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

High-definition cameras have such a high resolution that they’re mainly used in high-risk establishments such as banks and casinos. This is to capture a good image of anyone who enters and exits to maintain high security and maximum safety. These cameras are great for spotting misconduct and allows the user to zoom in for extra clarity, should the footage need to be used in court.

Other benefits of high-definition cameras include:
HD CCTV Security Cameras bring HD quality to the CCTV world. Still coming in at a low-cost, HD-CCTV cameras can produce outstanding 4K images at high framerates. As reliable as ever, the newer models of these cameras are increasingly resistant to inclement weather conditions and high-impact kinetic energies (whether they be from debris or unruly vandals). HD-CCTV is a very cost-effective way to setup a high-resolution surveillance solution.
Many home and business owners choose to invest in a good-quality HD security camera, as a security surveillance camera is a useful tool to help people protect their property from theft and burglary. When placed so that they are visible, security surveillance cameras can deter thieves, and they also ensure that you have proper documentation in case of a burglary. HD security cameras are particularly useful because they can pick up small details that regular security cameras might miss.
High definition (HD) CCTV security cameras fulfil the need for high resolution imaging, essential for many surveillance purposes. Ensuring the quality of video footage is of an acceptable standard that can be used both for preventative security surveillance and for evidence purposes. High definition (HD) 1080p CCTV camera images are critical to provide effective evidential video. Helping operators, Police and prosecutors to identify objects and individuals, HD CCTV surveillance camera detail captures subjects and actions with more precise information.

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