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LED And LCD Video Wall Technology

Even though they may sound similar, LCD and LED (also known as “direct view LED”) are two different display technologies with their own distinctive features and benefits. When deciding whether you should invest in LED or LCD displays for your video wall solution, you should have a thorough understanding of the pros and cons associated with each display type.
What is LED?
Direct View LED (as known as just “LED”) is a display type that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In a Direct View LED display, hundreds of small LEDs are mounted directly on a panel, without the use of liquid crystal or polarized glass. Instead of being used as a backlight (like they do in LCD screens), the LEDs in Direct View LED signage produce images themselves. Each LED is a tiny light bulb that converts electrical energy into visible light. The chemical compound used within an LED determines its colour, brightness and power efficiency. Groups of red, green, and blue LEDs are combined on the panel, resulting in the full-color pixels required to develop an image.
Advantages of LED
Unlike LCD displays, Direct View LED panels do not have any bezels. Therefore, they can be combined together to form a completely seamless video wall. In addition, LED displays are exceptionally bright, energy-efficient, and have the most accurate colors and the best refresh rates of any display type available on the market today. These features make Direct View LED a great option for large-scale video walls that require high-impact visuals.
What are the Features and Benefits of LCD Technology?
LCD (liquid crystal display) technology is included in most smartphones, computer monitors, televisions, and other visual devices. Understand how an LCD display panel can serve as the focal point of your setup for optimal visualization.
What is an LCD?
LCD panels are composed of two polarized pieces of glass surrounding a layer of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals themselves aren’t light-emitting, so standard LCDs feature their own backlighting array that shines through the arrangement of liquid crystals to create the display’s picture.
Features and benefits
What Is a Video Wall?
A video wall is a unique multi-monitor configuration made up of numerous computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets that have been tiled or layered together to create one big screen.
A video wall can display various content on each monitor or it can function as one unified huge display. The majority of video walls use LED technology for individual screens, with LCD monitors, tiles, and cubes following suit.
Benefits Of Video Walls
However, why on earth should you utilize a video wall? The top advantages of a video wall are listed below.
There are several models of LED video walls available in the market, that have different technical characteristics depending on IP protection degree (from 30 to 68), brightness (from 600 to 15,000 NIT), consumption (from 300 to 1000 W / m2), type of LED (SMD or DIP) and its size (from 1010 to 3535), refresh rate (from 1920 to over 3840 hZ), access for maintenance (front and / or rear) as well as the pixel pitch (from 0.7 to 50 mm) and overall size (standard or customizable). In order to select the right LED video wall model, you can rely on a Aslink Computers.
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