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PA over IP Systems

PA/Paging over IP as an Application
You can run your new PA/Paging system over IP with a browser-based software application. As well as the configuration benefits, you also gain centralized control of software generated announcements (real-time or recorded) music/sounds and fully scheduled event. Being IP-based, the system gives you legibility to broadcast messages to specific selected stations only, (zone management) when required. New messages are automatically recorded and added to your list of pre-recorded messages. In this way, the same message can be broadcasted again whenever required. You also have full, automatic logging of each event for management purposes.
Software can be installed on multiple computers
Browser based and accessible from any PC with internet access to a password-protected web page for:
Zone Management
Event Logging
Benefits of PA/Paging Systems over IP
Unlike conventional PA systems that require a coaxial cable wired to every speaker you want to send voice to, microphones and speakers are treated as elements in the network and are linked by IP addresses over the existing LAN/WAN, allowing the transmission of audio signals as a digital data stream over the Ethernet links. This gives you a full-featured IP PA Paging System that allows users to simultaneously push an audio stream and/or a text message to multiple IP phones, IP speakers and overhead paging systems and is also…

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