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PABX & Telephone Solutions

If you’ve purchased a PBX phone system or private branch exchange phone system, in the past few years, chances are it’s actually an IP-PBX system. If not, it may be time to look into replacing your traditional PBX with a more modern IP-PBX system. 

Aslink Computers telecom service enhances connectivity and productivity in the most affordable way. We can help you find the right solution that adequately serves your business needs. When you need to keep your company’s communication system at its peak, the PABX telephony solution is a must. We offer you a premium standard yet affordable IP Telephony that is packed with essential business communications tools and applications.

Our solutions include migration off existing PABX and handsets to supply, installation and setup of new IP handsets and virtual PABX including incoming call routing menu, voice mail, voicemail forwarding to email, time-based redirection and time-based custom messages systems from 1 to 130 lines.

We also provide installations, upgrades and maintenance services for PABX/PBX Telephony and PABX/PBX phone systems using VOIP. We also offer products, such as PABX/PBX Telephone Systems, PABX/PBX Phones, VoIP Gateways, and Memory Cards. Contrary to a common belief that these PABX/PBX systems are expensive, we can show you that you can get enhanced communication for your business or for your smart home at a very low budget.

Reasons to use a PABX

Companies that use PBX enjoy benefits ranging from advanced calling features to wider connectivity and security. Below are a few reasons to jump on a PBX system if you’re still considering how to enhance your communications.

  • Transfer calls with ease: With PBX, you can quickly transfer calls between departments and individuals. You won’t need to first drop a call to transfer it to someone else who, say, can provide the information the caller needs.
  • Access more call features: Beyond making voice calls, you can hold online team meetings and livestream video conferences, so your employees don’t have to be on the same site.
  • Enjoy free customization: PBX allows you to customize your telephone system. You can record greeting messages, include your choice of music and even create custom apps alongside calls, instant messages and conferencing across various devices.
  • Communicate on the go: PBX offers connection via various devices, including your desk phone, desktop computer, laptop and mobile device. You can make traditional voice and video calls from anywhere.
  • Connect multiple business locations: You can use the same PBX system to connect employees across various locations. One PBX system will handle all your calls through forwarding and routing.

Advantages of PABX

  • Incoming Call Control: Live operators receive and direct incoming calls to internal office personnel. A live operator gives a business organization a personality and the opportunity to interface directly with customers, clients and the public. When the auto attendant mode is used incoming callers are offered options to connect them to the right parties.
  • Internal Cal Control: A PABX system provides connections between all internal phone stations without requiring operator intervention. Every station can dial any other station within the system. If a user does not know the extension number for another person on the system, an online directory may be accessed by voice interaction to provide the correct extension and make the connection.
  • Speed Dialing: A speed dialing feature permits frequently connected parties to dial one another with a single button. This eliminates dialing errors and speeds up communication between parties.
  • Automated Information:

    Call directing information can be programmed into a PABX. This improves customer inquiries by creating direct access to internal departments or individuals. Incoming callers reach key contacts without speaking to an operator or receptionist.

  • User Friendly:

    It is easy to train personnel to use PABX systems and station handsets. Many functions are noted on standard buttons and supported by voice interactive inquiry functions within the system.

  • Higher Call Volume:

    A PABX can automatically receive and direct large numbers of calls at the same time. Incoming callers do not have to wait in line for an operator to answer and direct their call to the proper internal station.

  • Hands-Free Operations:

    Operators and heavy telephone users on a PABX system can take advantage of hands-free headsets. Headsets provide freedom to move around while conversing on the phone. Users do not feel confined by telephone cords.

  • Courteous Waiting:

    Calls that are placed on hold can be served pleasant music while waiting to be connected. The presence of music tells incoming callers that they are still connected until the called party answers.

  • Value:

    PABX systems are valuable business assets. They improve the company image, create smoother flowing lines of communication, and provide the networks for effective internal operations.

    Brands we offer in PBX / IP PBX

    We work with top brands in PBX telephone systems in UAE

    • Cisco
    • Yealink
    • Grandstream
    • Avaya
    • NEC
    • D-Link
    • Zycoo
    • Panasonic
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