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POS Accessories

Modern point of sale (POS) systems are so much more than just cash registers. Today’s POS systems can integrate with various hardware devices and back-end applications such as your accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software – simplifying your business’s operations.
Different businesses need different things from their POS systems. Quality POS hardware is an investment in your business. Your point-of-sale system should support you to process sales efficiently and securely while providing administrative value by linking to your back end.
Popular POS hardware components include:
Receipt printer
Receipt Printers are an important part of a point of sale (POS) system. They are used in retail environments to print credit card slips and customer receipts. Restaurants also use receipt printers to print off orders back in the kitchen or at the bar.
Companies usually use point of sale printer technology to process payments during a purchase and clearly communicate with consumers following a transaction. However, printers aren’t used just for receipts. There are other parts of a company that might require a receipt printer to perform certain tasks. For example, many restaurants use kitchen printing to manage food orders in the kitchen.
The main options for choosing receipt printers include thermal printers (most common), dot matrix printers, and ink jet printers.
Cash drawer
A cash register, also known as a cash drawer, is a piece of hardware that helps you securely and reliably keep track of and store your business’s cash. A cash register looks like a metal box with a lock and a drawer. The drawer contains separated compartments for various denominations of cash and coins.
cash drawers are durable, cost-effective currency storage devices. The industrial steel construction is sturdy and can support the under-counter mounting for limited counter-space applications. The adjustable coin/bill compartments and slip slots for checks or large bills allow more applications that are flexible.
Cash Drawers come in many sizes and configurations, getting the right cash drawer is important, when putting together an Electronic Point of Sale System. You need to ensure that the drawer you choose is reliable and secure and will protect your cash, credit card receipts and vouchers.
Barcode Scanner
A barcode scanner (also referred to as a barcode reader) is a device that captures and decodes the information contained by a barcode.
After you scan the product the barcode scanner captures the information, barcode scanners link to a host computer or tablet and transmit that information in real-time, without additional human intervention. This helps retailers automate data collection processes and reduce human errors like inventory tracking and processing point of sale transactions.
In addition to the scanner itself, you also need a compatible computer system (whether a PC, laptop or digital register) to download, process and maintain information about the item you’ve scanned. Additionally, the proper software must be installed on the computer system so that it can manage the information. In some cases, the scanner can transmit data to a basic spreadsheet, database or word processing program.
Customer-facing display
A customer facing display is a checkout monitor or tablet that shows customers information regarding their current transaction.
It’s important to understand that a customer facing display is not something that customers interact with, as they would with a self-ordering kiosk. These display monitors or tablets provide visual confirmations of the purchasing actions customers take with your business.
Most customer facing display screens are customizable based on the store, restaurant, or business’s branding. Restaurants take advantage of these screens to provide customers with information regarding promotions, loyalty program perks, and new menu items.
The customer facing display is a component of your POS system. In fact, it uses the same POS software as your point-of-sale system. This means that the information your restaurant employees enter into the POS is automatically presented on the customer facing display.
Have you noticed that wait times tend to feel shorter when you’re occupied with something? Customer facing display systems do just that. They occupy customers while they wait, keeping them engaged at the point of sale.
This is done by highlighting new menu items on the display screen, promoting current events or promotions, and similar information. Some restaurants take advantage of the display screen and showcase their social media profiles and encourage customers to engage with their content.
POS Card Reader Machine
With the rise of cashless payments on the continent, it’s clear that card readers play a crucial role in helping merchants accept payments.
Traditionally, these devices contain a screen, keypad, or touchpad for smart devices, and important features that enable the card reader to engage with the customer’s card. These features may include the ability to enable the card to be physically inserted in the card reader or the chip to be read, the ability to enable the card’s magnetic stripe to be swiped, a pin pad or a touchpad, as well as features which enable the card reader to process contactless transactions.
with the help of card readers, you are more secure since you don’t need to carry hard cash around with you while you are shopping.
These electronic pieces of technology help merchants accept a variety of card payments and mobile wallets, eliminating or reducing queues, offering customers a more secure way to pay, and better facilitating the process of payment acceptance.

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