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RFID (Card Readers)

Revolutionize Your Business Efficiency with RFID Technology

As of today, many applications take advantage of RFID systems such as credit cards, collecting tolls, granting access to vehicles in gated communities, tracking library items, animal tracking, tracking goods moving through the supply chain, and many more.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a fast-developing technology, providing wireless identification and tracking capability by using radio waves to identify and track tags.
RFID Technology has a number of benefits to help every business and organization to improves its efficiency, in an economy where productivity inefficiencies can mean the difference between profit or loss, efficiency is key. RFID improves efficiency by allowing businesses to automate their inventory and data capture tasks along with reducing shrinkage through the improved monitoring of inventory movement. It works in real time where information is transmitted in real time enabling companies to take immediate actions and also increase accuracy by reducing manual processes, and increasing process automation.
Aslink computers offers you with various RFID Readers for many diverse conditions and applications. We closely follow RFID technology and our customer’s requirements to understand their pain point and to offer appropriate RFID technology such as RFID Fixed Reader, RFID Mobile Reader, USB RFID Reader, Desktop RFID Reader, HF Card Reader, etc.
RFID Cards are categorized based on usage into the following types:
Advantages and Applications
Proximity cards have a wide range of uses and applications, each business might use the cards for their own reasons, so let us look at the sorts of benefits these cards give in a broad sense.
We provide a range of biometric attendance systems for additional security, authorized access control and easy attendance management to corporations across the UAE.
While there are plenty of Brands in the market, Aslink Computers provides you with the most reliable and economical models to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Zkteco, Hikvision, Finger Tec and many more brands are available with us.
Biometric Card Readers
The demand for biometric readers has been on the rise as people endeavor to keep their lives and work environments more secure without compromising user convenience.
With biometric access cards, the cardholder’s fingerprints are registered directly on the card. This way, each card is linked to a specific person. When the user enters the workplace, the card’s biometrics must match the person using the card. The card is also encoded with RFID technology (Radio-Frequency Identification), corresponding to the system in which the card is to be used. The user’s fingerprint together with the card’s RFID encoding allows the reader to accept the card. The user authenticates at the door by holding the finger on the fingerprint sensor on the card before the card is held in front of the card reader.
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