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Ribbon & Cartridges

Printer Ribbons
The terms “ribbon” and “label” are often confused with each other; however, they do not mean the same thing.
Ribbon – This is the “ink” in thermal transfer (THT) printing. The ribbon is a thin shiny film-like material. It is very sensitive to heat. During printing the thermal print head element heats up, causing ribbon material to “transfer” to the label material surface.
In other words, it is a cloth soaked in regular ink or wax-based inks that yields printouts via a heating element located in the ID card printer. The print outputs then produce high-resolution quality images and accurate text and barcodes.
Printer ribbons, just like ink and toner cartridges, come in an array of types to serve different printers and users. They differ in working mechanisms and their advantages. For example, a thermal transfer ribbon comes as a clear plastic roll made of wax, resin or a combination of both. They use heat to produce prints by passing the thermal printhead with the coated side against it. The heat causes the ink to transfer from the coated film onto the paper’s surface. Matching the printer ribbon with the right printer allows thermal transfer ribbons to achieve speeds of 300mm per second comfortably. Thermal transfer ribbons are mess-free, fast, quiet and easy to use, due to their sophisticated technology.
Printer ribbons work hand in hand with printers and scanners to produce crisp and clear prints, however, matching the right ribbon cartridge to the printer model goes a long way to maximize efficiency. Different printer ribbons offer an extensive range of colors for all your printing needs. They provide monochromatic (single color) printing or full-color printing options. The most common printer ribbon colors include black, red and purple. Datacard printer ribbons are mainly used with card printers, and come with the color options of yellow, magenta, cyan, black and topcoat. They are also referred to as the YMCKT panel. Other options, such as the YMCKT-KT, come with an additional black and topcoat for dual-side printing. The clear topcoat serves as a finish to increase longevity. Some panels also come with inhibitors (I) and fluorescent (F) coatings.
Laminates, Overlays & Topcoat’s
In addition to protecting your ID cards from fading, dye-migration, and regular wear from constant handling and swiping, overlays and laminate also add a layer of security to your badges by making counterfeiting, alteration, and duplication difficult and evident. Overlays and laminates are often mentioned interchangeably. Although they offer mostly the same benefits, they are actually two distinct products.
An overlay is an extra panel in your printer ribbon, sometimes called the “O” panel, that’s a thin, clear top coat automatically applied to your ID cards during printing. An overlay protects what you’ve printed on your cards from friction wear, scratches, and the harmful effects of UV sunlight like fading.
A laminate is a clear protective layer of film that comes in a separate cartridge and is applied thermally during the printing process. It covers the top of a printed card to prolong its life by sealing the surface against abrasion, exposure to chemicals, and the elements. You can choose laminates in a variety of thicknesses depending on your needs.
Label Cleaning supplies & Kits
Label cleaning supplies extend the life of your card printers and improve overall image quality. Regular use of these printer cleaning supplies will help in maintaining the printer performance and also prolong the life of vitals printheads, transport rollers and magnetic encoder parts. Cleaning cartridges maintain optimal performance of your card printer, extend its life, and ensure clear, sharp images
The Label cleaning supplies consist of:
Cleaning Rollers
Cleaning Cards
Cleaning Swabs
PVC Cards
Standard blank plastic cards are typically made of durable PVC plastic and come in a variety of forms from the standard CR80 to magnetic stripe cards. PVC cards are perfect for high-security, multifunctional ID card programs.
In technical words, A PVC card is a plastic composed of a graphic- quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride PVC. It is mostly known for its durability, versatility, and flexibility. PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing an access card in corporate offices.
PVC cards are mainly used for ID Cards printing, Loyalty cards printing, Game zone cards, Gift cards in retail etc. For printing the ID cards white plastic cards are the most recommended. for the data storage or any other application proximity cards, HiCo and LoCo magnetic cards are also suggested. For any help in selecting the right PVC cards for your plastic card printer just give us a call and your queries will be solved with in no time. It should be noted that to get a quality printed card the blank PVC card used should be the one which is manufactured with high quality material.
Hologram Stickers or Labels
Customers always expect innovation from brands. Brands put all their efforts into creating products that please their customers. Details of the product on the labels, colors, flavors, and packaging play an influential role in attracting consumers. Labels are considered to be a turning point in the market. One such label in demand is a Hologram Sticker.
Holographic stickers or labels are unique in design and contain all information about the product and the brand on which it is placed and contain strong adhesion. Holographic stickers can be customized and ensure an essential security blanket for your product. Tamper-proof or tamper-evident holographic stickers enable anti-counterfeiting of the product and enhance and maintain brand image, product quality, and customer experience while providing brand protection.
Holographic labels are generally glossy in the finish with a rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective. They are colorfully and creatively printed on holographic vinyl with a protective laminate coating to make the sticker waterproof, tear-proof, and resistant to fading and scratching.
Label Cartridge
The Epson white label tape is perfect for daily usage at offices or home. Its available in a wide range of widths, from 6mm to 36mm, with a choice of red, blue or black text.
They are designed to last, Durable labels resist water and withstand hot and cold conditions.
Below are the different series available
Brother Brand Label Cartridges available too
Superb adhesive labels that will stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Used with supported Brother P-Touch machines.
Series Available

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