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Routers & Hubs

A router is a device that sends packets of data between different networks. A router is a device that typically uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a modem or a fiber optical network terminal (ONT). It shares your home’s single internet connection with all your wired and wireless devices, creating a local network. It’s also used for network management and hiding your local devices from the World Wide Web. A router can be a standalone unit or part of a modem/router hybrid device called a wireless gateway.
Following are the major uses of a router:
what’s the difference between a modem and a router?
Types of Routers
Edge router
Wireless router
VPN router
Wired router
Core router
Following are the advantages of using routers
D link Router
Aslink computers is your essential source for Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches. Whether it’s a complete switch, upgrades, components, or parts, you can count on Aslink to provide quality equipment that meets your IT objectives – and exceeds your expectations – every time.
D–Link is a specialist producer of networking products such as routers and modems for home and office use. A D–Link router, modem or modem router ensures users can enjoy a strong, fast Internet connection.
Many D Link routers also have a built-in switch and modem. They can be used to connect multiple devices in a home or office or facilitate connections with the outside world. This allows business owners to make use of VoIP, email and chat apps.
Best D Link routers for home and office use
D Link produces several routers, but some of the best ones for home and small business use are
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D Link Business Routers
D-Link offers a variety of Core and Edge Enterprise network routers capable of meeting the needs of various industries by integrating Routing, Switching, Security, and more into a single, power-efficient form factor. They have two types of business routers available, Core Routers and Edge Routers
Tp-Link Router
There are several types of routers, but most routers pass data between LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks). A LAN is a group of connected devices restricted to a specific geographic area. A LAN usually requires a single router.
TP-Link is one of the top router manufacturers, and it’s bringing a new fleet of models to market in 2023.
TP-LINK is a global manufacturer of networking products and No.1 provider of WLAN products. It gives best internet solutions for home and office users. Aslink Computers offers huge selection of TP-LINK products in UAE including wifi device, wireless USB adapter, pigtail cable, wireless n gigabit router, wireless N dual band PCI express adapter and much more at best price. We also provide wide range of TP-LINK products on sale price with fast shipping.
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Load Balance Router
A device that connects multiple devices in an Ethernet network and works as a single network element. It has multiple input and output ports to receive and send signals. It works at the physical layer within the OSI model.
Network hubs are best suited for small, simple local area network (LAN) environments. They cannot provide routing capabilities or other advanced network services. Because they operate by forwarding packets across all ports indiscriminately. Hub works like an electric wire, it receives data signals from one device in his one port and forwards them to all the other ports, except the source port.
Benefits of Hub Network
There are three types that are deployed according to their usage.
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