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Server Memory & Hard Drives

Server Memory and Hard drive

Server RAM, the abbreviation of Random-Access Memory, is also called server memory. It processes data from hard disk drives or solid-state drives to the CPU. In fact, server RAM is volatile memory, not permanent storage memory, which means it only holds data when it is connected to a power source. Hence, hard disk drives are used to store data permanently.
However, the read and write speed of RAM is multiple times faster than storage memory. The CPU can go directly to server RAM without searching the hard drive for data or instruction. Besides, server memory also generates less heat and is less prone to wear out over time.
RAM stores the common data from programmes that are in constant use. If you regularly log into your emails or Youtube, it will use the information here. This is done in preference to storing the same information on a hard drive or an SSD (solid-state hard drive). How quickly and how well a programme runs will depend on the available RAM on your device. With too little, you will notice hindrances to performance including lagging, freezing or the inability to access multiple programmes at one time.

For both business and leisure, being able to work efficiently on our devices is essential. Server RAM allows us to do this, minimizing delays and speeding up the way we work and play. If you work with high-memory programmes or find yourself with multiple apps open at one go, and you don’t have enough RAM, you’ll notice it instantly. Essentially, both the performance and the speed of your computer depend entirely on the amount of server RAM you have both installed and available.

It’s important to remember that, even if you don’t see yourself as an enthusiastic computer user, you will still need the right levels of RAM to perform the most basic of activities.

When it comes to computers, things can get pretty tricky, pretty fast. You’ve already experienced this with all of the updates in technology and the fancy lingo used to describe certain tech equipment. Things don’t change much when it comes to a dedicated server. There are many different parts that all come together to make the magic happen, and one of those parts would be the RAM.
Consider these following points when choosing RAM to help servers run at optimal efficiency:
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When in doubt of finding the right server memory ask for assistance and we would be glad to assist you. Aslink computers offers a multitude of brands and model providing you with variety as per your need. Contact our experts on . Providing expert insight to determine a user’s needs will ease the process of shopping for the perfect resolution, this has always been our motto.
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Hard Drive
Hard disk, also called hard disk drive or hard drive, magnetic storage medium for a computer. Hard disks are flat circular plates made of aluminum or glass and coated with a magnetic material. Hard disks for personal computers can store terabytes (trillions of bytes) of information. Data are stored on their surfaces in concentric tracks.
There are two general types of hard drives: hard disk drives (HDD), which use one or more rotating discs and rely on magnetic storage, and solid-state drives (SSD), which have no moving mechanical parts, but use flash memory like the kind found in USB flash drives.

The hard disk is a secondary storage device, which is designed to store data permanently. The secondary storage devices include a large storage capacity as compared to the primary storage devices. The data stored in a hard disk is retained when our computer system shuts down. The data stored in the hard disk can be of many types such as the operating system, installed software, documents, and other files of computer.

Types of Hard Drives

Parallel ATA (PATA)

Serial ATA (SATA)

Solid-State Drives (SSD)

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

Fibre Attached Technology Adapted (FATA)

Dell Servers
Servers are the foundation of business computing environments, providing compute power and storage for everything from cloud solutions and AI to applications, email, media, web content, and much more. Whether you want a Dell server at home, in a small office or large enterprises, these powerful Dell PowerEdge servers are the perfect fit for your IT needs.
Types of servers from DELL
1. PowerEdge Tower servers
Dell tower servers are low cost, standalone solutions that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Available in a range of sizes from mini-towers to rack-capable platforms, and from one socket to two socket configurations, Dell tower servers provide extreme versatility, high performance and quiet operations.
2. PowerEdge Rack servers
PowerEdge rack servers provide the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads. They’re designed to speed deployment and improve application performance for database, high-performance computing, and virtualization environments. As workloads and workplaces become more complex, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to have end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly. Powerful, simplified and automated Open Manage tools help manage large clusters easily and effectively, while robust security is built into the servers to protect from malicious activity.

3. Dell modular infrastructure server

Easily tailor, deploy, and manage your infrastructure while lowering operating costs. Create your future-ready data center with compute, networking, and storage modules that can be precisely tailored to your needs and expanded over time.
4. Dell PowerEdge Specialty Servers
PowerEdge XE is the first server family purpose-built for complex, emerging workloads that require high performance and large storage. These robust servers deliver the reliability and security for demanding applications inside traditional data centers or in extreme conditions stretching from outside the data center to the harsh edge environment of the IT infrastructure.

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