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Server Storage

Storage Severs are used to store the data and applications of an organization. They serve as store houses for data and applications repositories. The storage servers may be located inside the network premises of the organization or may be maintained in a cloud network. Some organizations also outsource their storage server requirements to external vendors, to reduce expenses.
Unlike a standard server, storage servers have more storage access interfaces, storage spaces, and advanced data retrieval and management capabilities. However, they have fewer applications than regular servers. The latter operates as file, print, web, and application database servers. Since storage servers are designed for a specific purpose, they are configured differently. In other words, they serve as a central access point for data storage and access.
The Four Server Storage Types
Cisco Servers – Unified Computing System (UCS)
Cisco Servers helps change the way IT organizations do business. It combines industry-standard, x86-architecture servers with networking and storage access into a single unified system. UCS brings increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership, and scalability into your data center.
The Cisco UCS Series is a modular, high-density, high-availability, dual-node storage- optimized server suited for service providers, enterprises, and industry-specific environments. It provides dense, cost-effective storage to address your ever-growing data needs.
Cisco UCS servers simplify your data center architecture; reduce the number of devices to purchase, deploy, and maintain; and improve speed and agility. It delivers end-to-end optimization for virtualized environments while retaining the ability to support traditional OS and application stacks in physical environments.
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