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SFP & SFP + Modules

What are Networking Modules?

Networking modules are hardware devices that can be used to add interfaces to existing network systems. This is usually done by installing them into a switch or router. A network module could be an ethernet module or a Fiber Channel (FC) card for example, which acts as an adapter that connects your device to a network via the new interface.

When it comes to enterprise-ready technology, Aslink Computers are proud to offer a wide range of Cisco modules to complete your setup. Create a robust and reliable solution for the demanding workloads your data center will face.

A Wide collection Of Network Modules for All Applications?

Cisco has a range of different modules to support your networking requirements, regardless of your network scale. Our array of modules will give you the scope to upgrade your networking to suit your own specific needs for your data center or enterprise.

Cisco Network Modules – Models available
Cisco optical transceiver
Cisco Transceiver Modules support Ethernet, Sonet/SDH and Fibre Channel applications across all Cisco routing and switching platforms. Cisco transceivers offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for the data center, campus, metropolitan area access networks, and storage area networks. The Cisco portfolio of hot pluggable interfaces offers a broad set of choices in terms of speeds, protocols, reaches, and supported transmission media.
Features and benefits of Cisco 25G Modules
Features and benefits
Cisco SFP+ modules offer the following features and benefits.
Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP Module
Cisco’s Fast Ethernet SFP Interface Transceivers portfolio includes 100BASE-FX, 100BASE-LX, and 100BASE-BX SFPs.
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