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The Sophos products are designed to detect and remove viruses, along with other types of malicious software from your computer.

Anti-Virus software is vital to help keep both University computers and your own personal computer secure.

The UW license for Sophos Home Premium (Commercial edition) grants protection for up to 10 devices. Supported platforms include Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

The UW license for Sophos Central grants protection for a larger number of computers. This suite provides a web-based console to deploy and manage client applications, as well as protection policies for your department/unit.

Sophos security software works best for anyone who likes multiple options and doesn’t mind paying a bit more out-of-pocket expense.

We recommend Sophos Home Premium antivirus for someone who doesn’t mind spending a little more to get a good value for the money. It’s great for when you have multiple devices you need to protect from hackers and malware, as one license covers up to 10 devices.

All your Sophos settings are online, so if you travel or move, you can still update your antivirus wherever you go. You can even use the website control panel to run a scan on your device as long as it’s turned on. That may not be for everyone, though. If you like the ease of use that comes with having a control panel on your machine and not online, Sophos might not be for you.

When you want to change your Sophos settings or review your malware protection preferences, you have to do it online. In fact, these cloud-based settings are one of the features that sets Sophos apart from other cybersecurity software. But in our testing, we found opening up the site to be a bit laggy. Those 10 to 15 seconds can feel longer if you’re in a hurry.

There is no free version of Sophos. But if you want to try Sophos out, you can use a free trial with three devices for 30 days, so there’s no risk to you if you decide the antivirus isn’t what you want.


The main benefit with using Sophos is that means your systems can work as efficiently as possible. Cutting out unnecessary programmes will mean it doesn’t slow down. Equally, removing spyware and malware can prevent issues with your computer, as well as stopping your business’ programs being infected with viruses.

The system does scheduled scans, making sure that your data is always protected from the latest threats. There is also a built-in HIPS (host intrusion prevention system) that has been specifically created to check for malware, any files that look suspicious and any usual behaviour.

It also looks for any file names that may seem odd or do not fit other forms of files that are on the system, as well as any keywords or phrases contained within the file itself.

For people who want to take control, the quarantine manager within Sophos is user-friendly that makes it easy to check files and authorise, delete or disinfect as appropriate. It is also designed to prevent data loss, protect you against legal liability and control a number of different files (including media and archives) as well as more sensitive data including source code, databases and contact lists.

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