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Stack Cables

Stacking cables are only used with stackable switches to be connected to create a single equipment. Which cables to choose depends on the stacking types of the switches, how far your switches are, your budget and other elements.
DAC/ AOC Cables
Direct Attach Cables (DAC) and Active Optical Cables (AOC) are growing in popularity as data center and enterprise usage increases. DACs and AOCs can help turn up your networks faster and keep them up and running.
AOC and Direct Attach Copper cable (DAC cable) are the commonly used connectivity solutions for data transmission by connecting network switches to switches, routers, or servers via the data ports. For some certain stackable switches, DACs and AOCs are not only applicable for transferring data but also used as the stacking cables.
DAC and AOC are one of the most cost effective and simple solution to stacking. And DAC cables are more widely used by significantly reducing more costs over the AOCs of the same length.
The Direct Attached Cable (DAC) are mainly used to transmit data over 10G, 40G, 100G ports and over by connecting networks switches to switches, routers or servers. For Some of these equipment, DACs can also be used as stacking cables offering this way simple and very cost-effective stacking solution. DACs cooling requirements are not strict due to their thermal design which lowers power consumption and decreases data center operating expenses.
DACs don’t produce heat thus making it a more versatile product that can be used in wider temperature ranges. While on the other hand AOCs are lightweight in design and just like DACs, widely applied in storage area networks, data centers and high-performance computing connectivity’s. AOCs use light signals and are not able to conduct an electric current thus making them immune to electromagnetic interference. The cables of AOCs are thin and have a significant bend radius making AOCs the optimal solution if data centers don’t have enough space for cabling.
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