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Thermal Printers

All ‘thermal’ printer, as the name suggests use heat to print. Direct thermal printers print onto special heat-sensitive media that darkens as it passes under the heated sections of the printhead.
Because they print without needing an ink ribbon, direct thermal printers are simple – no need to change inks and no ribbon mechanism built into the printer. Direct thermal printed labels usually have a good shelf life but are not well suited to situations where they’ll experience heat, long periods of direct sunlight or abrasion. Thermal labels, tags or tickets can be ‘top coated’ to provide heat and scratch protection.
Direct thermal printing produces sharp print quality with good barcode scanning ability but without the need for ink. If you don’t need long life labels, i.e., for printing address labels, fresh food or tickets, direct thermal is a low cost, easy way to print.
Thermal transfer makes it easy to print onto a wide range of different materials like polypropylene and polyester, for outdoor and harsh environments.
Thermal transfer printing can be extremely durable – making it scratch, chemical and water proof.
Thermal printers are very quiet. You can have them in a very quiet workplace or in a library, and print to these printers and not worry about disturbing the people around. Unfortunately, this thermal paper is very sensitive to light and to heat. It’s not a type of paper you’re going to archive information over a long period of time. You also have to be careful about other chemicals, like the kind that you find on clear tape, that will also tend to fade and cause the information on these pages to disappear.
Although you don’t need any special ink or toner to print on a thermal printer, you do need a special kind of paper. This paper is coated with a chemical that’s going to change color whenever it’s heated, and that’s how we’re able to get the output onto these pieces of paper. You usually see these on cash registers, or credit card terminals, or places where you need a very quiet printer to operate. This does look like normal paper, but if you feel it, it does feel a little bit different. You can feel the chemical coating on the outside of the paper. And that’s why you want to be sure you always have extra paper. Once you run out of thermal paper, you’re not able to print anything on that thermal printer.
Two types of thermal printers are mainly used: direct transfer thermal printers and thermal wax transfer printers. Today, thermal printers are widely used for bar code printing, credit card receipts, airline tickets, and school records.
Since these printers do not rely on ink to print, which keeps the cost lower.
Many retail businesses have turned to thermal printers to help them ensure a more efficient point-of-sale (POS) experience for their customers. Not only are they more efficient than impact (traditional) printers, but thermal printers are proving to be more cost effective, and reliable for grocery stores and other retailers. Thermal printers are also ideal for businesses that require POS transactions, and are great for a number of other functions, like printing receipts, ID badges, shipping labels, and price tags, to name a few.
Benefits of Thermal Printers

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