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Wired and Wireless Headsets

Bose Headset
Bose, best known for home audio systems and speakers, have launched headphones that have taken the noise cancelling industry by surprise with its proprietary audio technology and Volume optimization EQ it just takes the sound to the next level. It not only makes headphones for music lovers but also has had contracts from US Military and NASA for over-ear, in-ear, aviation headphones and military models. This alone speaks of the supremacy of the engineers at Bose and the general trust that population has on the company.
Over the years, Bose has made upgrades to its noise-canceling headphones to not only keep them at the top of their game but to also provide well-rounded sets. They now provide a variety of over-the-ear headphones that prioritize comfort, immersive audio quality, full noise cancellation, and generally being water-resistant.

Bose headphones are special because they come with Volume Optimized EQ that pumps out the most balanced sound et all different volume levels with no compromise on the clarity of the track. If this is not enough then its bass is richer, deeper and fuller than those in the same league.

The audio giant offers distinct products that are all at the top of their class. So what do they all have in common? Each headset features solid build quality and the storied manufacturer’s signature understated design. The audio performance of all Bose headphones is impressive, too. Unlike many competitors that hide their sonic deficiencies behind powerful bass, Bose headphones deliver a stellar experience throughout the entire tonal range.
As far as additional accessories go, each Bose headset comes with a carrying case, so there’s no need to worry about storage. In-ear models come with replaceable tips for an optimal fit, while the wireless headphones come with an audio cable for the moments when the battery runs out.
Jabra Headset
If you spend a lot of time working out of your home office, it’s a good idea to invest in a proper pair of headphones. They’re critical for people who work remotely as they allow you to tune out any distractions in the background and focus on your work. And while active noise cancellation is a necessity, some of the best headsets for working from home will also have a built-in microphone with clear audio that you can use during meetings and business calls.
Headphones used for working should offer top-notch sound quality and comfort since you’ll be wearing them for hours on end. They should also have excellent communication features for making voice calls, including any sort of video chats. Good noise reduction is key, as is being able to hear your own voice in the headphones as you talk so you don’t end up shouting. Good bonus features include strong battery life and multipoint Bluetooth pairing, allowing you to switch between two devices.
Jabra engineers’ technology that makes life look and sound better. Their world-leading headsets, intelligent video technology, and advanced earbuds make sure life and work stay wonderfully in tune. Jabra makes technology for life’s new rhythm.
High-quality materials, innovative technology and durability – this is how any product can be described under the Jabra brand. The company invented the world’s first ultra-noise-canceling microphone, Bluetooth wireless headphones and a sports headset with heart rate measurement. Thanks to innovative ideas, Jabra GN is one of the five best manufacturers of audio equipment.
when choosing headphones, you should focus on technical specifications. Important indicators are: impedance (average resistance), frequency range, sensitivity, distortion factor and dimensions. Now consider them in more detail.
Jabra – a global brand with a serious passion for sound
Invest in ergonomic, hands-free calling with wired and wireless headsets from Jabra, the brand bringing top quality audio to the world for 150 years. Designed for both office and homeworking use, Jabra headsets deliver crisp audio to improve communications and give users the freedom to roam, multitask and have better control over their working environment.
Plantronics Headsets
If you spend a lot of time behind the computer at home or in the office, you need a comfortable headset to use for several hours. Also, if possible, they should sound good and be affordable. Plantronics headsets offer all these advantages. This brand is probably already well known in your workplace, as it is the most popular headset in corporate setups. That said, you probably don’t know that Plantronics acquired Polycom, a company known globally for its excellent audio and video products. After the merger, Plantronics was renamed Poly. Although the brand is retired in name, Plantronics headsets continue to appear with the Poly signature.
Plantronics currently boast the largest range of headsets with top of the range headsets for all areas of Unified Communications, Call or Contact centers, Mobile, Office and Business use.
Poly Headsets by range
Choose between wired and wireless Poly headsets
A wired headset has an audio or USB cable connecting it to a computer or mobile device, while a wireless headset is a cordless device. With no cables to tether them to a desk phone or computer, wireless units let users move freely while taking calls. They’re also ideal for mobile users who regularly join calls while away from their desks. On the other hand, wired models usually offer better sound quality as they’re not prone to interference from nearby wireless devices. Compared to wireless units, these don’t require replaceable or rechargeable batteries to work.
Plantronics wireless headsets communicate with computers and mobile devices via DECT or Bluetooth. DECT models have longer ranges but can only pair with office cordless phones that support the wireless standard. Bluetooth is a more popular wireless communication protocol. Choose a Bluetooth unit when looking for a pair of headsets to connect to a wider range of devices, including mobile phones.
Do you need Poly headsets with more than one mic?
Models with two or more built-in microphones offer improved noise-canceling features. While one mic focuses on the user’s voice, others pick up and neutralize ambient and wind noises. Therefore, a headset with more than one mic provides active noise cancellation and improves voice quality. It’s recommended for taking important calls in noisy environments.
Are there gaming Poly headsets?
Yes. The brand makes the RIG series of gaming headsets. These are stereo over-the-head pairs with rugged builds and crisp, surround sound outputs. They’re available in wired and wireless models, and there are specific models for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles as well as gaming PCs.
Sennheiser Headset
Sennheiser has been producing high-end headphones and microphones for more than 70 years, so you can be confident that it knows what it’s doing. And thanks to ongoing technological innovation and an unwavering commitment to delivering market leading sound quality at great prices, Sennheiser continues to offer exceptional value for money.
Alongside high-performance models, it also offers plenty of affordable entry-level options so everyone can enjoy incredible Sennheiser sound without breaking the bank.
If you’re looking for a great headset at a competitive price, Sennheiser collection is the place to start your search. As you’d expect from Sennheiser, quality audio performance is central to everything they do, and you’ll find that their headsets deliver market leading sound quality, whether you’re listening to music, watching a film or playing a game.
Sennheiser is a big brand. Therefore, they have a wide variety of headphones that are either specific to a certain use or well-rounded enough for everyday casual use. However, they tend to focus more on better sound quality than versatility, offering more models that cater to critical listening or home theater entertainment than sports or travel.
Overall, Sennheiser offers a variety of headphones for different uses. Many of their higher-quality models are on the pricey end; however, many of their cheaper models also perform admirably. They’re easily one of the best for high-end open-back headphones, with some models offering stellar sound quality for audiophiles.

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